Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Down in Cornwall

We're here for a couple of weeks and there is just so much to say about this area. It is quieter down here, though that is relative as there is still a village every few miles and country lanes heading off in every direction, hence any trip seems to take forever. Also, we've only had tantalising glimpses of the countryside - it is very hard to see much over the hedges from the sunken lanes!

We've had one trip not to the coast, and that was to see Roche Rock, a stone ruin perched on the top of a large rock. There are iron ladders that enable you to get up into the ruin and appreciate the view and the inaccessibility of the site, though there is little to indicate it was at all comfortable. Plenty of crows flying around to add atmosphere.

All our remaining sightseeing trips have been to the delightful coastal villages. Generally these involve finding a carpark on the outskirts of the village and strolling down through the old alleyways, looking at the very old buildings and going oooh-ahh!
And then there are the harbours themselves, often with the boats high and dry waiting for the next tide to come in. Luckily (?) the weather hasn't been too good so there aren't many tourists around yet, otherwise these places would be swamped.

Polperro would be our current favourite and this is where these photos are from. For more photos of here and other parts of Cornwall don't forget to look at the "Photo Gallery" link at the top of this site.

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